PKN Orlen's VC fund invests in ICsec

PKN Orlen took up part of the shares of ICsec S.A., a Polish producer of cybersecurity systems for industry. The investment is part of the Polish giant’s strategy to invest in entities with proprietary solutions that have the potential to sell them abroad.

ICsec S.A. is a company offering solutions in the field of cybersecurity of industrial infrastructure. The company focuses on offering state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions for strategic sectors such as electricity, gas and water supply, as well as securing production and technology lines, transport nodes and data centers. The solutions offered by ICsec allow to protect production plants against cyber attacks – ensure their continuity of operation, protection of know-how or resources.

Orlen’s Venture Capital Fund is the largest corporate fund of this type in Poland. Within 10 years, it will invest approx. EUR 100 million (half a billion zlotys) in technology companies offering breakthrough innovative solutions.

“Currently, we are focusing on establishing cooperation with distributors and business partners not only in Poland, but also abroad. Our solutions are able to ensure a higher level of national security, especially in the critical infrastructure, the security of which is a priority all over the world today. Thank you Orlen VC Team for your trust, at the same time we are glad that ICsec operating in the cybersecurity industry is the first company in which Orlen VC has invested ”- added CEO of ICsec, Robert Juszczyk.

From the beginning, the company focused on developing its own cybersecurity solution, which would be fully Polish – manufactured, assembled and configured entirely in our country. The goal of Robert Juszczyk and his team was, above all, to create “plug and play” software and hardware that will easily connect to any critical infrastructure, regardless of whether it is a power plant or a coal mine, and regardless of what technological solutions are offered by suppliers, the company uses. Over time, the company attracted large local investors who saw its potential and the possibility of developing innovative cybersecurity technology in the local market, which in turn would strengthen the overall national security.

Thanks to Orlen’s investment, the company will continue to develop and provide solutions in the field of cybersecurity. ICsec intends to allocate the obtained funds, among others for the development of the team as well as sales and marketing activities allowing for the expansion of the company.

ICsec S.A. is a leader in the industrial infrastructure security market. Since 2018, the company has been successfully creating the first cybersecurity ecosystem in Poland, combining industry and Polish science. It provides solutions that allow you to reduce the business risk related to cyber attacks on industrial networks. The flagship product is SCADvanceXP – the most modern system for monitoring industrial networks, which detects potential threats and anomalies in the traffic between devices using machine learning and artificial intelligence. A high-class technological solution is part of the fulfillment of the obligation of the Act on the national cybersecurity system.

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