About us

We are specialists in industrial cyber security. Our team is made up of passionate people who have been working on industrial networks since 1986. Our specialists will professionally carry out any project regardless of its size. We know how to quickly and effectively raise the level of cyber security in any organization. In order to protect your business even more effectively, we have created a unique system for monitoring industrial networks SCADA.

We created the first Polish IDS Scadvance XP system

Thanks to the Scadvance XP solution developed by our team, you will monitor the industrial automation network (OT) and detect potential threats and anomalies in the traffic between the network devices. The Scadvance XP system is based on the detection of unlikely or undesirable events in the network and, if such events are detected, informing the user about them, indicating the place of occurrence, the target of the attack and the probable cause. 

Our mission
is cyber security

The company’s mission is to significantly increase the level of cyber security in industrial networks and SCADA system environments for companies with critical infrastructure and other industrial plants.

We carry out this task with a very experienced internal team, by creating our own products based on our own R&D work, the most modern technological solutions, in cooperation with scientific institutions.

We provide our clients with a comprehensive solution allowing them to supervise technological networks and protect against cyber threats, which also allows them to adapt their security systems to the changing legal regulations.

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the ICsec Group’s strategy
  • He has many years of experience in sales, marketing, development and service management,
  • Author of the largest corporate network ICT projects in Poland,
  • He managed a capital group building a network of heat and power plants for biogas
Robert Juszczyk


  • Architect and author of many applications used in retail, HR, power industry, automation, renewable energy sources, IT systems,
  • Many years of experience in the position of CTO and development project manager. He has worked for such companies as: Tauron, Miele, Six,
  • Experience in programming PLCs.
Marek Smolik


  • Over 10 years of consulting experience within Deloitte domestic and international projects related to the implementation of innovative solutions, R&D, cooperation with scientific institutions,
  • Currently advises management boards on development projects, is a member of supervisory boards in cybersecurity companies.
Katarzyna Berbeć



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