ICsec begins cooperation with CLICO

ICsec begins cooperation with CLICO – a leading VAD distributor.

ICsec – the leader in the industrial infrastructure security market, has signed a distribution agreement with CLICO – the largest specialized distributor with added value (VAD) on the Polish and Central and Eastern European markets.

ICsec is the producer of the SCADVANCE XP solution, an innovative system for monitoring industrial networks that provides identification, monitoring and security of resources in real time. It is the foundation of a comprehensive security system used in organizations using industrial automation.

The ongoing convergence of information technology (IT) networks and operational technology (OT) networks increases the complexity and vulnerability of industrial control systems (ICS) networks. With the rapid development of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, organizations are introducing new technologies and connecting OT and IT networks.

“Industrial automation was established earlier and developed independently for a long time, regardless of IT. However, isolation protection has long become a myth, monitoring, reporting and remote access have forced industrial automation solutions to be connected to the organization’s IT network or directly to the Internet. Often, securing the OT network is delegated to the IT department and poses a serious challenge for them. The goals for OT are security and business continuity, you cannot restart something, unplug it for patching, as in IT, because it may cause a threat to human health and life or enormous financial damage. Fully passive, based on deep traffic analysis and machine learning, the SCADVANCE XP solution perfectly fits the needs of enterprises that want to effectively protect their OT infrastructure against cyber threats and anomalies that can destabilize the operation of systems. Detects potential incidents by identifying the potential target and possible attack mechanism. An additional advantage is that SCADVANCE XP is a Polish product, created on the basis of the knowledge of national experts, which may be of significant importance for companies of strategic importance – critical infrastructure” – says Radosław Szyszko, Security Consultant at CLICO.

Signing the contract is another important and strategic step for ICsec towards building a strong partner network and strengthening its position on the CEE market.

“For ICsec, cooperation with CLICO – a distributor with added value – is a guarantee of reaching IT / OT Integrators and Resellers specialized in providing cybersecurity services both in Poland and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. Together, using our technology, knowledge and shared experience, we can provide security to companies with critical infrastructure and industrial automation systems OT / ICS even more effectively than before” – said Krzysztof Wójtowicz, Sales Director at ICsec S.A.

The CLICO distribution agreement is valid in Poland and in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

CLICO – the largest, with 100% Polish capital – specialized distributor with added value since 1991, successfully introduces and promotes innovative solutions of world market leaders in Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. He conducts a continuous process of market education in terms of threats, optimization, efficiency, effective, secure wired and wireless communication and their development prospects. From the beginning of development, it focuses on the highest competences, offering as an authorized center highly valued pre- and post-implementation support, as well as authorized and in-house training, covering not only technologies and products, but also general safety issues, e.g. widely accepted, independent CISSP certification. The high quality of service is confirmed by the PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate with the WSK Criteria granted by IQNet and maintained since December 2002.

ICsec is a leader in the industrial infrastructure security market and since 2018 has been successfully creating the first cybersecurity ecosystem in Poland, providing solutions that reduce the business risk related to cyber attacks on industrial networks. ICsec was awarded by the Supreme Technical Organization with the Golden Innovation Laurel 2020 for the Scadvance XP solution. In 2017, the product also received the prestigious “ELIKSIR” award from the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications. ICsec is a founding member of the Polish Cyber Security Cluster at #CyberMadeInPoland – a platform for cooperation and promotion of the Polish IT-Sec industry, which aims to shape and develop safe cyberspace in Poland and promote Polish companies abroad. It was the first company in Poland to obtain the right to use the “Cybersecurity Made In Europe” quality mark.

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