We create industry products

which boost cybersecurity in a tremendous way
Let’s get to know each other

We are a team of specialists in industrial cyber security. Our company is comprised of passionate people with extensive experience in all areas related to industrial networks since 1986. We created the first Polish IDS (Intrusion Detection System) SCADVANCE XP, for industrial networks and implemented numerous projects in the field of cyber security.

what we do?

For years we have been managing security issues in OI and IT. We support companies and advise on business security at every stage of its development. Our company is a top-tier organization and we ensure that our solutions are implemented optimally and error-free. Our extensive experience means we can engage when there is a need for both a solution and its implementation. This is why you have come to us.

what we offer?

We offer you the latest technological solutions and services to increase the level of security in the industry and critical infrastructure. Thanks to security audits you will learn how to better protect yourself against possible cyber attacks and meet the requirements of the NIS directive. Using our SCADVANCE XP system you will track any anomaly in the industrial network.

what can we do for you?

We will help you choose the right tools to increase the level of cyber security and thus the potential of your company and translate it into profit. In combination with the capabilities of the IDS SCADVANCE XP system, we will create a new protection barrier for your company. No matter which sector you operate in, our knowledge and experience will help you to raise the level of cyber security.

They support us

We are a participant of the third edition of the ScaleUP Krakow Technology Park accelerator, where together with ES-System, using Scadvance XP, we develop our own system to detect industrial automation anomalies in building infrastructure.

about the ScaleUP

KPT ScaleUP Accelerator is one of 10 accelerators launched under the nationwide PARP initiative called ScaleUP. Its aim is to support the development of young companies operating in the area of Industry 4.0, Smart City, IIoT, Big Data and AI.


Startup Spark is an acceleration program created under the umbrella of the Łódź Special Economic Zone, in cooperation with 11 Partners: international corporations, i.e. Ericsson, PwC, Procter&Gamble, Robert Bosch, Siemens, Airbus and local companies developing Polish technological thought globally: Bluerank, Indigo Nails, Paradyż Ceramics, Pietrucha Group and WDX.