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Cyber-security is not only our profession or another project carried out within the scope of our competences.

At ICsec we know that a passionate and an unconventional approach to each problem deliver our services at the highest level. Thanks to this you can be sure that your business is safe!



of cyber threats

Few people are aware of the evolution of the hacker’s profile. Until recently, it was associated with a teenager in a hoody breaking into a secure network to prove to himself and the world that he can get anywhere he wants. The promoted ethical model of Hacker, not knowing and not interested in attacking the industrial infrastructure, is now a thing of the past. You’ve probably heard of cyber divisions created by almost all countries. You have also heard about hacker groups. Have you ever wondered what they do? The answer is simple: Preparing plans to attack the industrial infrastructure of companies.

Today’s cyber attacks on industrial automation are, above all, a risk of significant financial losses caused by production downtime and infrastructure damage.

Is your company’s industrial infrastructure also targeted? Is it safe? How expensive is that one hour of production downtime, for which You are responsible?


IT Security and OT

security audit 


Confirms that your infrastructure is secure


Check fault tolerance and find single points of failure


Inventorize and update the physical and logical schemas of the network

Check the configuration of your network devices and the strength of their security features


Verifies the security of the interfaces between IT and OT

It will show you how easy and fast you can remove detected vulnerabilities

Knowledge of the security level of the IT and OT infrastructure is an indispensable element of the process of maintaining the continuity of business and industrial processes. In this respect, our offer includes a package of services covering the need to verify the security level of IT and industrial infrastructure elements addressed to our customers.

Types of audits

Depending on the specificity and individual needs,  we carry out 


This service consists of checking whether it is possible to carry out an effective attack and take control over the resources of the company or organization using information about the company available on the Internet. The basic assumption is the lack of any information coming from the audited client.


Similar to a Black-Box, however, preceded by an interview and the collection of preliminary information provided by the client. This interview affords us with more options for planning the defense against attacks.


Service that allows you to specify the security of individual hosts. During vulnerability scanning, “holes” in the security of individual servers, network devices and stations are revealed. Related retail reports provide information on which actions should be taken to close them. Vulnerability testing saves a lot of valuable time spent on finding security patches. Independent managerial reports allow you to easily verify the progress of work conducted to remove the newly discovered vulnerabilities. The report for the management board is a great support for any request for replacement of infrastructure elements.


This is a comprehensive IT infrastructure security assessment service. It is carried out by evaluating the infrastructure on many layers, starting from physical connections, through logical protocol configuration, to the configuration of security elements. The service verifies the compliance of infrastructure construction and operations with the industry’s best practices and provides knowledge necessary to maintain and further develop sustainable IT architecture.


OT infrastructure security verification service and IT infrastructure supporting it. Security assessment requires a wide range of IT security knowledge and the development of control systems using SCADA, DCS, PLCs and industrial protocols. The service provides the knowledge necessary to raise the security level to the required level and its subsequent behavior in the process of maintenance and expansion of the industrial automation infrastructure of the enterprise.


Conduct the audit

You will know how to work

We know that your time is valuable. Therefore, during the audit we engage you only in the key stages of the process. Upon completion, our specialists will present you with a detailed report of the security status containing:


Confirmation of infrastructure security


Level of fault tolerance and discovered points of failure


A comprehensive Inventory with updated physical and logical network schemas


Documented configuration of your network devices and the strength of their security features


Verification of the security of the interfaces between IT and OT


Indications of security vulnerabilities in your systems


Easy and fast solutions to resolve detected vulnerabilities

Make sure your network is secure! Contact us!


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