The first Polish IDS system for industrial networks


industry 4.0

The changing world of the early twenty-first century is characterized by enormous technological acceleration, directly reflected in the industrialization of infrastructure automation. This translates into an increase in the amount of information processed by automation systems and the need to connect them to existing corporate IT systems. Resulting from this is the emergence of a new breed of cyber threats in industrial networks previously seen in traditional IT infrastructure. The last few years have seen a radical increase in attacks on industrial systems carried out by highly trained hackers. Faced with these new challenges, responsibility for industrial automation systems must include new security measures tuned to this emerging environment of industrial infrastructure. Logically, the highest priority in planning and implementing OT network security is to monitor and detect these newly evolved cyber threats to industrial infrastructure.


    Scadvance XP
    takes care of your safety

    Polish IDS system for SCADA network created in cooperation with recognized national scientific institutions and data centers. Using the latest technological solutions, it allows to detect anomalies and cyber threats in industrial automation networks before they cause irreparable damage.


    Hardware & Software

    Scalable system consisting of probes and monitoring software. A comprehensive solution enables tracking cyber incidents and anomalies appearing in any industrial network.


    Artificial Intelligence

    A self-learning solution that adapts to the specific network traffic parameters of any OT architecture. The system allows for the introduction of new rules to detect complex cyber threats.



    Thanks to the use of proprietary algorithms, monitoring and detection of cyber threats in the industrial network takes place in real time. Thanks to the automation of the system, it does not require the intervention of the administrator.


    Big Data

    Scadvance allows you to process large amounts of data. Thanks to the archiving of the entire industrial network traffic, it is possible to inspect incidents occurring in the past for use in computer science.


    Scadvance XP
    Modern and ergonomic

    Our solution is fully automatic:

    • It recognizes the probes
    • Recognizing NODs

    • It presents the movement between the NODs

    • Builds a map of connections

    The system automatically and intelligently selects analytical engines to detect all anomalies in the most efficient way. With your own software you can create your own specific analysis modules!

    The system automatically archives all the traffic of the industrial network. Thanks to this, you can trace the events that took place during the day, week, month or year at any time.

    The system looks exactly the way you want it to look thanks to:


    • Possibility of changing the colour scheme
    • Language selection

    • An editable dashboard

    OT network monitoring
    has never been so easy

    The Scadvance XP system is user-friendly. With just a few clicks you can adjust your dashboard to your preferences. Change the language, filter the results, adjust the graphs, change the arrangement of the windows. The information that is most important to you always comes first!

    X1 Probe

    Unique, fully
    passive solution

    The device has a number of security features (including physical ones), such as:

    • Monitoring of unauthorized opening of the housing
    • Delete probe memory if unauthorized physical access is attempted 

    • Authorisation and encryption based on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)


    The device features popular and standardized interfaces:


    • RS-485
    • RS-232
    • CAN
    • Ethernet

    The device supports the most popular protocols:

    • DNP 3
    • Modbus
    • Profibus
    • CAN
    • CANOpen
    • ProfiNET
    • Powerlink
    • TCP/IP
    • FTP

    Can be extended to include other industrial protocols.

     24V or via POE port.

    Additionally, the device has its own battery system that enables operation in the event of a power failure.


    Dedicated solution





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