ICsec in Energy Spin Accelerator

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Cybercriminal activity

The fuel and energy sector is one of the critical areas of the economy.

Today attacks on industry are increasingly being driven by organized crime groups which has a profit from cybercriminal activity.

They use such advanced mechanisms of computer network infiltration that not only detecting their presence or attempts to break security measures is very difficult, but it is also difficult to counteract the effects of their activities.

This is the reason why the industries called for incorporating into security platforms the most advanced methods of machine learning with the use of statistical analyzes and neural networks to detect any anomalies that indicate that unplanned changes are taking place in the infrastructure. As the traditional technologies proved to be unsufficient.


The adequate response

Our SCADVANCE XP system using ML / AI techniques has been an adequate response to these threats but has also opened up new opportunities which went far beyond the sphere of cybersecurity – into the area of predictive maintenance, improving the quality of asset  and configuration management, or counteracting the effects of human errors.


EnergySpin Accelerator

Scandinavia is the region where the most innovative global technology brands were born. We are honored that our product has been selected in the EnergySpin program and that we have the opportunity to present customer value to the largest and most demanding recipients in this region.


ICsec S.A. among most promising companies for EnergySpin Program Fall 2020
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