Cyberattack Man – in – the – middle on the Industrial Automation Network. Case Study.


Cyber threats are  common problems these days. A lot of attention is being given to provide protection against cyber attacks on IT networks – such as firewalls and antyvirus systems of new generation or two-factor authentication. Unfortunately OT industrial networks are still underdeveloped areas when it comes to cybersecurity. The most known threats, both in IT and OT networks, are malware types, DDOS, APT, phishing or financially severe ransomware.

Particularly noteworthy is the attack called Man-In-the-Middle , which is one of the most widespread threat for industrial systems. Experts estimate that 80% of all cyber incidents are the result of a human error.

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How do industrial networks ,,catch the virus”?

What are the consequences of cyberattack?

How can we track down unwanted communication in industrial network?

ICsec will present a case study of a Man-In the-Middle attact type on the OT network  and also will demonstrate  the effective ways of cyber security based on the example of IDS (Intrusion Detection System) solution which is SCADVANCE XP.

WHEN: 25th of November 2020, time: 11:50-12:10 CET,

SPEAKER: Katarzyna Berbeć, Strategy and Development Director ICsec S.A


AGENDA and all event details can be found on the conference page. 

Author: ICsec S.A.